About CMC ASIA, inc.

Construction Management and Consultancy-CMC-Asia, Inc. (CMC-Asia) has been present in the Asian region for 39 years now and has been very active in the Philippines since 1979. Over the years, CMC-Asia steadily grew up and has acquired all the various kinds of construction specialization and has expanded reaching its present position as one of the leading contractors and developers in the region. To date, CMC-Asia is working in some countries, in the Asia Pacific region, particularly in the Philippines, and Republic of Palau. It has recently established a local Company in Guam, USA as Construction Management & Consultancy – CMC (Guam), Inc.

The Company has undertaken projects in the following fields:

Civil Engineering (roads, highways, bridges, airports, hospitals, office and residential buildings, housing complex);

Hydraulic Engineering and Irrigations Works (dams, canals, water supply systems); and

Power Generation (wind, solar, hydro and diesel generator).

In April 1998, CMC-Asia led a consortium which was awarded the bid for the construction of the Pagadian-Zamboanga Road Improvement Project in Zamboanga Del Sur, Mindanao which was part of the ADB 6th Road-Assisted Project. Its section has a length of 43.12 kilometers and a road width of 6.70 meters. The project also included the rehabilitation of 14 small bridges, 16 reinforced concrete box culverts (RCBC), and 5.79 kilometers of reinforced concrete pipe culvert (RCPC).

In 2001, CMC-Asia further established their presence in the region of Mindanao by winning 3 road contracts in the Province of Zamboanga del Sur namely the Dimataling – Culabay Section, Culabay - Abong-Abong Section and AbongAbong – Tabina Section Road Projects and they are in the process of nearly acquiring several other projects in the various surrounding provinces.

The Company is vying and preparing to be pre-qualified for some more governmental projects in the various parts of the Philippines in partnership with both local and foreign contractors. We are comfortable enough to say that our Senior Expatriate Staff, particularly the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer has been in the Philippines, more particularly in Mindanao, for more than 36 years and has extensive experience in the construction, management, and consulting industry during the past several decades, specifically in the hydroelectric industry.

Currently, CMC-Asia is developing through its subsidiary, Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems, Inc., power generation projects in the Philippines. Such projects are the 48 MW wind farm and the 10MW hydro power Mag Asawang Tubig also in Mindoro, Puerto Galera, which is mostly in the province of Oriental Mindoro.

Furthermore, CMC-Asia, own minority company Pacific Renewables (Guam) Inc. is engaged in the field of services in supplying, procuring, installation, operation and maintenance in the form of a Build, Operate and Transfer structure of water and wastewater treatment and management specifically for local and international hotel developers and project developers in the region. Such projects have been acquired in the Philippines and Palau.

While today's solid foundations may rest on its five strong points Safety, Quality, Expertise, Reliability, and Good Faith, CMC-Asia is imbued with a capacity to think in line with new trends in development strategies and relies on its capacity to adapt to new challenges imposed by ever-changing external social, economic and business environments.

The success of the Company rests on the entrepreneurial ability, the quality of its professional resources and the use of the most advanced technologies to date. The dynamic energy of our management enables CMC-Asia to be a competitive Company in our industry, especially for those projects requiring great managerial skills, initiative, persistence, and problem solving abilities.

CMC-Asia’s economic and financial strength, the quality of its professional resources as well as executed and completed projects, bear witness to CMC-Asia's qualifications, credibility and reputation as a major operator in the infrastructures’ development program. Likewise, the Company has already carried out large projects in the construction and power generating industries, which are vivid proof of our professionalism and experienced know-how and knowledgeable capabilities and expertise in standard operating business procedures and business development ethics.

Constant attention to technological development in today’s day in age, new construction systems, energy producing power generators, on-going enhancement of its organization and information technology systems, an unswerving commitment to the highest possible quality of standards and relationships – these are the hallmarks of the extraordinary wealth of technicality and engineering experience that we, at CMC-Asia, have created internally. Our management and organizational practices in fact, boosts our personnel’s optimistic outlook towards new tasks, challenges and experiences which we look for in every project and believe these traits give us the advantage in the present market, and loudly distinguishes our group from the masses of competition in which we guarantee the expected quality of services, technology, performance, work ethics, and most importantly, solid relationships based on trust and good faith.

Pacific Renewables, Inc. (PRI) installed the Solar Project on the roof of Sam Suites Hotel at Malakal, Koror, Palau.  Also, a water reverse osmosis project at Anguar, Palau.