In 2008 to 2013 Mr. Michael De Rossi become Business Development Manager of CMC Asia, Inc. and presented the Renewable Energy solutions to clients and discuss its efficiency to the global market.

Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems, Inc. a fully subsidize company of CMC Asia, Inc. Mr. Michael De Rossi also served as Business Development Manager (2012) and talk to several government officials and presented the Wind Energy Power Systems and its efficiency for generating electricity and the key to the whole island of Province of Mindoro and to connect to the main grid to boost the needs of the electricity shortage of Luzon.  Mr. Michael De Rossi also attending seminars of Green Energy Solutions to acquire more knowledge for the future energy solution.

PPUC award the project to Pacific Renewables, Inc. for the rehabilitation of Angaur well and several PPUC projects given to Pacific Renewables, Inc.

Pacific Renewables, Inc. extended its office to the island of Guam and now talking to several interested clients for the energy solution offered by the company.

2014 to Present, Mr. Michael De Rossi become Chief Operating Officer of CMC Asia, Inc. and managing the company's operation and share the idea to the CEO about financial structuring and investment strategy.

Mr. Michael De Rossi learned that the Republic of Palau needs the green solution using the Solar Energy and they established the new company Pacific Renewables, Inc. a subsidize company of CMC Asia, Inc. and partner of Progetti Plant, Italy.

They put several PV Solar Water Lifting projects to the island of Angaur and Peleliu and a 78kW PV Solar at the roof of Comfort Suites Hotel at Malakal, Koror.