CMC (Asia) Inc's Record Finishing of the Casecnan Multipurpose Power Project

Armando De Rossi deserves every congratulation that comes his way.

As CMC (Asia) Inc's President, Andy De Rossi leads has global company, the largest construction cooperative in Europe, in undertaking this massive $640 million Casecnan Multipurpose Power Project in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija, and actively saw to its completion on record time.

This one of the largest mega projects of its type in the world, with three major components, namely diversion weirs or twin dams of Taan and Casecnan; a 25-kilometer underground tunnel and an underground powerhouse. This truly amazing project allows the harnessing of the waters of the  Casecnan River, in Nueva Viscaya to provide extra power fro Luzon's electrical supply and channels irrigation for central Luzon's "Rice Bowl" Regions.

But more importantly, this massive project has impacted positively on the lives of more that 3,000 Filipinos who are currently employed by CMC. There are a considerable number still that were employed auxiliary capacity for this gargantuan project.

Andy expects to do the same with another million dollar project, the CBK Project in Caliraya, which he hopes CMC can finish in record time also. All signs point to that direction.

Andy remains one of this country's most remarkable builders. While some investors remain wary, he stand out of his faith in  the country by counting to undertake major projects such as this.

He is a gentleman and a visionary. His counsel remains valued by national figures, who count him in their inner circle. Throughout the country, specifically in Mindanao, he is a man well respected by both the military and Muslim separatists for his countless, often unpublicized, efforts to build classrooms, subsidize teacher's salaries, even effect a search downed plane in rebel country.

Andy remains a remarkable man, with a vision, drive and inherent faith in this country that is rare. singular as it is laudable. His fervent devotion to this country as an ardent Filipino is best exemplified by his untiring efforts to celebrate what he calls "the world-class potential of Filipinos." Bravo Andy!