The Casecnan Multipurpose Power...

    Airport runways, passenger cargo terminal and buildings;

    Hydraulic engineering( dams, canals, water supply system);

    Docks and marine works (coastal defenses, breakwaters and wharves, dredging);

    Environmental Protection and rehabilitation (sewage treatment, water purification, solid waste disposal, reforestation programs, landscape protection); and

    Integrated rural development projects for extensive areas.

In addition, Pizzarotti SpA has always been ranked as one of the most important qualified Italian construction firms. The origins of present day Pizzarotti SpA go back as far as 1910 when Gino Pizzarotti founded the company and its first work was the construction of the Cisa Church developed in various sectors.

The highly respected companies have built a fine reputation by combining entrepreneurial skills and cutting-edge equipment and technology with the professional advancement of its  personnel, qualities which perfectly suited the Casecnan Project.

The dynamic Armando de Rossi has overseen Philippines projects since 1976. Even at the outset of the Casecnan Multipurpose Power Project, he enthusiastically invited Filipinos to work hand with the CP Casecnan consortium.

"We can work together to improve livelihood," he urged. "let's work together to uplift the poor condition of farmers. Together we can be successful."

The complicated Casecnan Multipurpose Power Project provided to be a challenge project that required sophisticated technical expertise  and modern equipment which C.M.C. di Ravenna and Pizzarotti SpA amply provided.

Among the latter were three 200-meter long tunnel-boring-machines, the only one of its kind in the country. Two were brought in from the US and one from Germany.

"The tunnel boring machines are huge, expensive pieces of equipment that are not basically giant drills," said contract manager John Durton, who has been with the project since 1997."The drills are safer and much cheaper to use in the long run than blasting."

Even with sophisticated equipment, however, completing the complicated project wasn't a breeze. " People do not know the difficulties we had, " recalled Armando de Rossi.


Approximately 80 Kilometers of new roads were built in the mountains as well as 28 kilometers of total tunnels and underground caverns.

At any given month the project directly or indirectly employed 3000 Filipino workers and over 100 foreign workers. The workers were amply provided with accommodations, water, food allowance and dental/medical services (there are four different clinics and four resident physicians), including emergency airlifts.

In four years, CP Casecnan become one of the country's biggest taxpayers, SSS contribution and one of the highest payers of laborers salaries.

The project also benefited residents of the surrounding areas, including tribal communities living in the mountains of Nueva Viscaya.

"The partnership that had been forged for many years between the Philippines and CMC di Ravenna has brought forth economic and social benefits to the common Filipino," noted Armando de Rossi when C.M.C. (Asia) Inc.celebrated its centenary just this past March.

The Casecnan Multipurpose Power Project is yet another solid proof of the enduring partnership.